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The aim of the ROSiE Training Materials for Responsible Open Science is to learn how to practice open science responsibly and how to prevent research misconduct in the context of open science, by providing the necessary knowledge and developing specific skills and attitudes. Training materials are aimed at learners from four fields of science - social sciences, humanities, health and life sciences, and natural sciences. In addition, there is a special module for citizen scientists. 

All groups of trainees can use ROSiE online learning modules to implement self-directed learning. In this case, the trainee as a user of online ROSiE training materials takes the initiative, with or without the help of the trainer, determines his/her learning needs, formulates learning goals and evaluates learning outcomes. In this process, trainees are in charge of their learning, and they are autonomous in choosing what, how and where they are learning. 

Online training materials can also be used for the implementation of blended learning, which combines traditional on-site training led by a trainer with using online content to allow trainees to build their own learning experience. By blending face-to-face and online training methods, trainees can benefit from guidance and interaction with a trainer while having access to interactive and flexible training opportunities outside the classroom. For the implementation of blended learning in the classroom, the 'traditional' learning materials developed within the ROSIE project (see ROSiE Knowledge Hub) can be used together with ROSiE online training materials created for self-directed learning. Blended learning allows development of multimodal learning through visual, auditory, reading, discussion and writing methods. Multimodal learning expands inclusive learning opportunities. You can find the ROSiE case collection and trainer manuals for face-to-face training also on Zenodo: Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Humanities, Health and Life Sciences, Citizen Scientists

The ROSiE training modules have been produced by Signe Mežinska, Ivars Neiders and Zanda Rubene. The resource uses texts from the ROSiE "D1.3: Conceptual and normative framework for tackling the ethical, epistemic, disciplinary and RI-related challenges of advancing OS-practices" (contributors Søren Holm, Rosemarie Bernabe, Kadri Simm, Mathieu Rochambeau, Jaana Eigi, Bjørn Hofmann, Francois Jost, Olivier Le Gall, Ana Sofia Carvalho, Maria Strecht, Nathalie Voarino).

project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under GA No 101006430.

Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license The ROSiE training materials are available under the open-source license CC BY-SA 4.0.

We thank the Pixabay community for the illustrations used in this training material. All illustrations used in the training material are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.